Culpeper Tonics - landscape range

Nicholas Culpeper is our botanical hero, a 17th century rebel who inspires our love of wild British flavours. Following in his footsteps our handcrafted tonics are made from all British botanicals grown, foraged or hand-sourced by us. Naturally quinine-free our tonics contain no artificial flavours or preservatives.

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By the Sea - in situ.JPEG

by the sea

By the Sea combines samphire with sugar kelp to create a unique tonic that is refreshingly smooth and citrusy with a hint of sea-salt.

By the Sea is a versatile tonic water which works well with most gins and vodkas. It is particularly delicious with maritime or citrus spirits. Some of our favourite combinations are Harris Gin, Edinburgh Gin Seaside, Hills and Harbour Gin or Gairloch Coastal Gin (Badachro distillery)

in the forest.png

in the forest

In the Forest showcases the bitter orange flavours of Douglas fir, tempered with sweet birch leaves and a hint of oak smoke.

This unusual tonic water invites you to be creative. It works well with many gins, vodkas, rums, whiskeys, barrel-aged gins, and let’s not forget cocktails. Some of our favourite gin combinations include: Hills and Harbour Gin, Masons Tea Gin (trust us on this one), Morocello - citrus liqueur (Locksley distillery), Fifty/50/Gin (cask aged from House of MacDuff). Tell us about your favourite experiments!

On the moor - in situ.JPG

on the moor

On the Moor celebrates the earthy floral flavours of windswept heather and gorse blossom from British uplands.

Another versatile tonic water this goes well with most gins and vodkas. Some of our favourite gins to mix this with are: Badachro Gin, Rock Rose Gin, Caorunn, or The Botanist.

From the Garden - in situ.JPEG

from the garden

From the Garden perfectly balances delicate rose with a hint of lavender to create a distinct fragrant and floral flavour.

From the Garden tonic water is at its best combined with London Dry or Old Tom gins or vodkas. We particularly like to drink ours with zingy fruity spirits over lots of ice on a warm summers day. Some of our favourites are: Orkney Rhubarb Old Tom Gin, The Lakes Distillery Rhubarb and Rosehip Gin Liqueur, Whitley Neill Quince Gin, JJ Whitley rhubarb vodka.