Our mission is to experiment with all natural flavours to create delicious, ethical and sustainable tonic waters showcasing the best flavours of wild Britain. We carefully and responsibly gather ingredients from the wild, and grow or hand-source those which cannot be sustainably foraged.

our rules for choosing ingredients

We only want to use native and naturalised plants as ingredients in our tonic waters, but deciding which species that includes is not easy! Not all plants which grow in Britain are native and we have a growing number of species which have been brought from afar, with some even being considered invasive and causing harm to our British species. And this is not a new problem; plants have been being brought to Britain since the Stone Age. So how do we decide which ingredients to use?

After much debate and deliberation (prompted by the question of whether to include cucumber, as you do…) we have settled on two rules which we follow to decide if an ingredient can go in our tonic waters:

  1. It features in the Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper, legendary British botanist, published in 1653.

  2. The plant is either found in the wild or at least has the ability to reproduce and flourish without human intervention.

Sorry cucumbers, you are out.

Nicholas Culpeper, legend.

Nicholas Culpeper, legend.